2.The person that makes you want to faint, even if they just say 'hey'.
3.The person you wake up to talk to everyday.
Natalie is the most amazing person I've met.
by Ryan;] April 28, 2008
The act of being awesome, having a lot of fun while being completely insane, wild and rambunctious.
Thomas is amazing because he throws the wildest, obnoxious parties.
by beabealovesyouuuu March 14, 2011
Term used to express great pleasure or wonder at almost anything.

It is generally used to convey a postive emotions in reaction to a story. The use of the term was popularised by the late Chris Dunford.
Chris Dunford: OMG! That trip to tescos was amazing!!
by ltspank February 24, 2011
Jacob Kyle Neu
Ole boy jacob neu, is amazing:)
by poooooookieeeeeee November 14, 2010
amy tomlinson
Amy Tomlinson is the most amazing girl that I have ever laid eyes on; she has the prettiest baby blues in the state of texas :)
by amazed by you November 14, 2009
pronounced AH-MAZING

Simply put, the word amazing can be used when a person is of such a incredible standard, that no other words could begin to explain their importance to you or to the subect that they are bieng referred to as being amazing.
Natasha Coverley is just simply amazing.

Natasha Coverley is just simply an amazing singer.
by heybre October 30, 2009
Something you'll remember for the rest of your life.something you wanna do. A miracle....(sigh)
You:Woot!Woo-hoo! I...just...went..bungee-jumping!Some random dude:that's amazing
by CommitedScrubsFan May 28, 2008
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