To cause a feeling of awe.
Jena is amazing at everything.
by Valentius May 20, 2008
2.The person that makes you want to faint, even if they just say 'hey'.
3.The person you wake up to talk to everyday.
Natalie is the most amazing person I've met.
by Ryan;] April 28, 2008
1) Inspiring awe, wonder, and/or incredibility.

2) Surprising greatly.

3) Cory
"That movie was so amazing; I can't wait to buy it on DVD and watch it again!"
by Grace Llanos-Hinson April 02, 2008
A gratuitously amazing person. (pronounced aa-muh-ZEENG)
A: That girl there's fabulous, she must be an amazon.
B: No one calls people "amazons" anymore.
A: Fine, then she's an ama-ZING!
by Fabulosity August 29, 2005
A state of awesomeness.

Also when talking about friends, a term used to describe the best of the best.
"Dude, Derek, you are amazing!"

Fo sheez?

Yeah dude, amazing Fo Sheez
by Yodii May 16, 2009
saxonny <3
saxonny is amazing
by c<3s August 26, 2008
The act of being awesome, having a lot of fun while being completely insane, wild and rambunctious.
Thomas is amazing because he throws the wildest, obnoxious parties.
by beabealovesyouuuu March 14, 2011

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