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saxonny <3
saxonny is amazing
by c<3s August 26, 2008
1) Inspiring awe, wonder, and/or incredibility.

2) Surprising greatly.

3) Cory
"That movie was so amazing; I can't wait to buy it on DVD and watch it again!"
by Grace Llanos-Hinson April 02, 2008
A girl that can make you smile and feel loved no matter the time or day. Always there for you. Beautiful. Always glowing. mss.
by mjjml19 March 07, 2011
to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.
Danielle is amazing
This sauce is amazing
by Mauger November 26, 2007
The act of being awesome, having a lot of fun while being completely insane, wild and rambunctious.
Thomas is amazing because he throws the wildest, obnoxious parties.
by beabealovesyouuuu March 14, 2011
Term used to express great pleasure or wonder at almost anything.

It is generally used to convey a postive emotions in reaction to a story. The use of the term was popularised by the late Chris Dunford.
Chris Dunford: OMG! That trip to tescos was amazing!!
by ltspank February 24, 2011
The word amazing is used to describe the most Amazing Girl in the Universe. She is also a model. She is also a well known athlete who was a badminton champion in Chandler High school and was a beast of a player. She is also very beautiful, sexy, and smart. She truly adds happiness and enlightens life. A girl that is always there when you need her. she means the world to me(: She is the nicest, sweetest, and most caring girl on the planet.
Dude, do you know that girl Melissa Tran? Yeah man, she's amazing.
by asterturf January 26, 2011