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Something totally incredible, better than ever, superior
This fried chicken is amazeballs!
by doppeljr March 10, 2012
115 227
Fricken amazing as fuck you just want to use it all the time:)
I just got a new iPhone
Dude thats Amazeballs!!
by Taylor Ate your condom. :D November 12, 2012
120 233
Basically beyond amazing. Being so awesome that a regular word can't describe you.
Will Smith is amazeballs.
by mlw78 November 27, 2011
320 500
The superlative used when a friend shares such exciting news with you that no other word embodies the excitement you feel over it.
Friend: After 10 months of desperately searching for a job, I found the most incredible job and start on Monday!

You: Aah, that is so amazeballs! I could not be happier for you :)
by fruityfeathers December 11, 2010
256 483