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A person who is sensitive, loving, caring, big heart-ed, one to brighten up your day with her smile. she has a short temper, and doesn't like to be told what to do. she is someone who loves to have fun and when the party is over she does not like to clean up the mess. she is one of the most beautiful-est girls in the world and one that doesn't like to sugar coat the truth. she is a true friend and will always be there for you. her arms are always open for new opportunity.
Alyssa is so sweet, i wish i was her friend.
by blahhh340 June 24, 2013
13 5
The kind of girl whose eyes light up when someone starts to tell a story. Usually heard repeating these 3 phrases over and over: "story of my life" "basically" and "i'm just saying!" (sooner or later, you WILL say them too.) Believed to be the originator of incredible story telling. She literally has a story for everything. Yes, everything! Most importantly, the kind of girl who NEVER gives up. On anyone.
Have you met Alyssa? Her story basically changed my life. I'm just saying.
by singforme August 17, 2009
12 4
usually beutiful, SKINNY, trustworthy, and faithful. Alyssas are usually really fun and loving, will be therre for you no matter what and take care of you no matter what!
Wow Alyssa is so beautiful!

Yeah I wish i was that skinny and beautiful!
by pickles#101 December 22, 2013
9 2
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is caring, loving, funny, and kind. She is easy to fall for. Be careful! You might not be able to resist yourself around her! Her hair is amazing and her eyes are absolutely gorgeous. Her voice can be the sexiest thing to ever be heard. This girl is the bet thing that will ever happen to me!
Person 1: Did you see Alyssa?
Person 2: Yeah! She's so sexy!
by Holaaaaa January 05, 2014
6 0
the hottest and sexiest girl you will ever meet. on a scale of 1 to 10 her brazilian booty would be an 100. this girl can be sweet and spastic at the same time. she has a great body and will grow up to have the hugest boobs ever. damn she a fineee lady
ahhh, can i have a piece of that alyssa?
by swagstatus123 May 01, 2014
5 0
Blonde hair , blue eyes. she's nice, but yet mean. she doesn't take shit from anyone. she speaks her mind. she follows her dreams. one hell of a fighter. she's really beautiful, so kind hearted. she would do anything for her loved once. very out going. she is every close with her family. she perfect.
my bestfriend alyssa
by jdjxhhsdbja January 08, 2014
6 4
someone that usually dates a thomas ,
thomas ; my girlfriend is that best
bob ; oh it must be an alyssa
by hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii5923424332234 November 27, 2011
35 34