the most awesome person ever possible, but someone who is uber shallow and lame. someone who has gender identity disorder. she's the worst partner ever and will break up with you if she stops thinking you're attractive, even if she does love you and all. worst girlfriend ever.
i broke up with alyia last night because she is lame
by alyiaistheworst June 28, 2009
Top Definition
Alyia is the most AMAZING person that you will ever meet in a MILLION YEARS.( if you see one talk to her she is as rare as a Unicorn)BEST FRIEND EEEVVVEERR!!!She is the best sex partner you will have in your life (SEX GODDESS)Her body had sesxy curves and her BLOND hair is drop dead gourgeous. She is confident and proud and walks with a little strut( call her a bitch and she will take it as a compliment)nothing can rain on her parade.She is the
You are like soooo an Alyia.
by March 10, 2016
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