1. Someone one who is hardcore, emo, or scene and loves emo guys in skinny jeans with eyeliner.
2. A girl who wears different colored pants everyday and dark make up and band shirts. But somehow can be straight at the same time.
1. Alycia looks very hardcore while watching guys walk by in skinny jeans.
2. Alycia wore her electric blue jeans today and dark make up holding hands with a guy being straight as can be.
by .:Drop Dead:. March 11, 2009
Top Definition
a girl that is truly beautiful and someone that everyone falls in love with according to her personality.
by -un-findable. August 23, 2008
1. Funny, Beautiful, Cute, Sexy, Great kisser, Great convo, Lovely.

2. A person who can be your best friend, and lover.

3. Having great sense of humor. Funny as hell.
4. Having soft skin.
Im in love with you Alycia
by GodvaderBTA July 07, 2009
A person who is utterly gorgeous
-Beautiful in every way
-An all around amazing person.
Wow, the stars are so beautiful, we should have named the sky Alycia.
by Its-a-Secret October 08, 2008
The best name in the world clearly because no one has yet to define it, until today :)
Alycia loves her life.
by stbMrsC August 29, 2008
A sweet, caring, charming, fun to be around girl. People are instantly attracted to her, and want to be her friend because she is so charasmatic, beautiful, funny, and generally awesome to be around. Girls lucky enough to be named Alycia are very intelligent, well-spoken, talented, and loveable.
guy1: omg, who is that girl who just walked in?
guy 2: O that's Alycia, isn't she gorgeous?
guy 1: dude, introduce me, I have to meet her, I can tell she's a one in a million type of girl.
by omgiwishiwasher June 07, 2011
She keeps the real self inside and locked up so she won't get hurt. Outside she is a bold girl, popular, funny, serious at times, and is extremely athletic and beautiful. But deep inside she is a real soft person, nice, kind, funny, smart, and is a bit quiet, but definitely not shy. She cares about others and on the outside she pretends she doesn't need anyone sometimes because the last time she needed someone, they stabbed her in the back. She's "bomb" and can get any guy she wants. She also has a magnificent voice that she only lets the ones she love hear. Also her ability to play sports with amaze you.
Boy 1: Who is that girl?
Boy 2: That's Alycia, she's gorgeous right?
Boy 1: Yeaaa I call dibs.

Boy 2: Go ahead, I already tried to get her.
by UD12 May 30, 2014
The best girl ever. She loves to be with her friends and has an extreme likeness for people named Tom with big feet. She loves karate and is very intelligent, getting straight A's all the time. She's a party animal and cute, fun little girl. She has a laugh and giggle that makes you laugh harder. She is a picky eater and resembles a river otter. Over all, she's a pretty, cool, and awesome person to be around.
Damn, Alycia is a black belt?
Yes, she can kick you're ass!
by mad101 January 09, 2011
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