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GODDESS!!! one of the most beautiful females you will ever meet. Her natural sex appeal will put you in a trance easily. One of the best proportioned body's ever created. When she looks at you, your heart drops into your stomach and when she touches you, your heart just stops.
Alyana is the perfect Creation of a Woman
by AtlBallaz24 February 04, 2010
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She's very sweet and kind. One of the prettiest girls youll ever meet. She is hot. She is pretty inside and out. She is prettier than everyone around you. She is super smart and popular. Everyone wants to be friend with her.
Sofia: she's so pretty. I want to be like her. I'm jealous!

Dave: who is?

Sofia: Alyana!

Dave: she is such an Alyana
by Sarahfaith December 20, 2014

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