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when a bubble reaches its maximum capacity and explodes.
Man, my ass alvarado'd after eating eggs.
by FLIR August 28, 2009
A very small town in Texas that hardly even people in Texas have heard of. Their highschool football team never wins any games and the cheerleader are hoes. It is very dirty and people who have heard of it automatically associate it to drugs
Person 1: hay man wanna go to the Alvarado football game with me?
Person 2: Alvarado???
Person 3:Oh i have heard of that town. I think I bought drugs there.
Person 1: yea thats probly it.
Person 3: well it will be a waste of time to go the fooball team NEVER wins!!
Person 1: the cheerleaders are hot tho!!!
Person 3: TRUE
by hottie chicka June 13, 2008
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