The patron saint of the geek kitchen.
After watching Good Eats for a couple of weeks, I too am now an Alton Brown whore... and I'm proud of it.
by Brian X June 22, 2003
Top Definition
Thomas Dolby's evil twin (or at least a dead ringer for him). Has a cooking show on the Food Network.
One of my favorite episodes is when Alton Brown shows how to brew your own beer.
by Beer Hunter February 12, 2004
Host of one of the best cooking shows ever made. A unique combination of cooking science, history and cooking equipment overview with a touch of humor and cast of unforgettable characters. Each episode focuses on a particular food or ingredient, such as steak, garlic, squid, gravy, eggplant (yes, eggplant), etc. The recipes are simple and easy to reproduce.
I learned to cook a steak and baked potatoes the best way from watching alton brown on Good Eats.
by bob zimuta May 01, 2006
Host of the two best shows on the foos network. Good Eats and The show to end all shows, Iron Chef America!
Alton Brown hosts Good Eats.
by Richard @@@ March 28, 2005
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