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Any socially-unconvential lifestyle, esp. sexual. Includes but is not restricted to describing gay lifestyles.
Swinging is an alternative lifestyle.
To Meg, Goth was more than just an attitude, it was whole alternative lifestyle.
by md April 03, 2003
To be a homo or a lesbo. This is usually backed up by liberals.
Liberals love the Alternative Life Style.
by I'm Not A Lib March 29, 2005
Being gay.
He lives an alternative lifestyle *cough* hes gay *cough*
by three_sixteen February 13, 2003
Someone who lives a gay or homosexual life. So do not be live like that. If you do, you are a loser!!!
Straight Guy: How is your alternative life style going?

Gay Guy: Shut up! Just because I am different does not mean I am that much different!
by Daniel March 27, 2005
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