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noun a pornographic pseudo-name in disguise


This is likely a term made up by Microsoft Gaming Studios. When in edit mode for an Xbox Live gamer profile, the input description provided for the 'Name' entry is as follows:

"Enter your name or alternate nickname."

Up to this point, most people in the world have had their verbal identification needs met by both nicknames and names. (Those two areas are pretty robust) However, there are really only two major types of individuals that would need yet another freaking word to call themselves:

Super heroes or Pornstars (non-exclusive)

Now we know that comic book people can be a bit enthusiastic at times, but even DC Comics's and Marvel's count combined is under 13,000. If we are generous and assume then there are 50,000 heroes overall, that is only 0.000000000000002777% of the world's population. That is a really un-super amount!

Estimates for how many woman and men have been filmed in an explicit (sexy-time) manner is estimated to be at 2-3% in the U.S., perhaps globally around 1%. That is ~3,601,008,300,000% the amount of super heroes allegedly in existence.

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Microsoft's interactive user engagement program has taken things to the next level now with the Kinect these days... capable of generating extraordinary 3-D mappings of the gamer. Requiring you lift your arms along with the recommendation to avoid baggy clothing for improved safety "was no accident". Working with industry leaders to promote the use of yoga pants and giant rubber balls as legitimate exercise components, Microsoft has attracted the exact demographic and intelligence range of current porn stars and now perhaps future (they track weight loss) porn stars.

"Optimize every workout with immediate feedback on your form, power and heart rate with the all new Kinect, featuring Muscle Mapping, Power Gauge, and Pulse. Plus, feed your motivation with social challenges."

In other words, the exact feedback an attention loving physically engaged woman desires! One only has to go see Microsoft's adverts for the Xbox Fitness: sports bras, yoga pants, mappings of your movement and joints over time, heart rate, etc. Coming soon.

With enough voice data to collaboratively identify anyone after just 8 seconds of speech, the ability to program mapping metrics which may identify core/component muscle strength, 3-D models of said pornographic stars, and alternate nickname... the future of gaming lies in scale-accurate physical engagement components.
by masterwit December 18, 2013

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