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Alrighty(noun); another form of alright. can be used as alrighty, alright-ee, alright-ay, or iight-y
Hayley: Want to go see the Jonas Brothers concert with me?
Nick: Alrighty!
by Hayeeeelksdfj March 10, 2009
74 48
alright with a "y" on the end
"sound good?"
by mhm8 April 14, 2008
180 80
A "gay" way of saying alright, when you don't really mean or want to say "alright".
"Call me later, okay." "Alrighty."
by someone_else February 22, 2004
429 349
a variation of "alright" that is often used to signal one's desire to bring a conversation (in-person or on the telephone) to a conclusion. It precedes the final goodbye at the end of the conversation.

Similar to "alright then", or "okie-dokie"
Alrighty, sounds good, I'll talk to you later. Bye!
by Hector P. Schmedley July 16, 2010
77 34
a bro word said by bros, means that you accept something.
hey can you finish that word Max? Alrighty sagee.
by Chadmanbrochy November 22, 2010
18 25
a stupid thing that certain ppl say when they have nothing else to say, even when they could write something else but really dont care what it is you are saying, also mostly used by girls
A: i just went to an awesome party
B: alrighty

A: my cat just died
B: alrighty

A: i hav eyes, lol
B: alrighty
by zesaladin May 08, 2010
41 49
Cute twist on the boring word "alright"
Also, many of you will remember its usage in the halliriously stupid film "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"
Hey dude, let's go to the Surf Shop, yo!
by Annonymous Falcon!!!! October 16, 2002
102 255