Many people beleive an Alpha Male is a man who is the leader of a pack, dominant, or an agressive male. Fuck these stone age definitions. I will define a true ALPHA MALE in modern society, simply in three parts:

1. A known statistic today is, for every 1 male who has sex there are 2 women having sex, the reason for this statistic is becuase alpha males are the ones who are having all sex, while Beta males sit on the side lines watch this happen.

2. Modern Alpha males dictate their own reality, Alpha's effortlessly change brain patterns of poeple around them,women and men around alpha's feel their strong character and charisma and naturally gravitate and follow thier leadership skills, this is why women beleive everything we say is knowledgable or humerous and subconsiously fall into our laps.

3. Alpha's are frequenlty being considered self-centered assholes. However this could not be further from the truth. We as Alpha males do not cater or sympathize to emtional garbage from insecure women and Beta males, that is not a part of our reality. We see situations in life as our personal stage and have full knowledge and understanding that we control the reality around us, there for the ladys will always have sex with us and the guys will always want to be us.
Becuase I am an Alpha Male I can make friends with lots of women and have sex with all of them and not one of the women would feel devalued or any less of a friend to me
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007
the dominant person in a relationship
guy 1: "are you going to the skatepark tonight?"
guy 2: "nah, my girl says no. she's the alpha male."
by pappy mcgee July 26, 2005
Complete dickhead who steals your girls, brags, cheats in games.

everyone treats them like a god

always in best position in games cos he cheats

usually spoiled rotten so they can show off their stuff to everyone.

lot of the time a jerk.

Alpha Male: im not out the spinner didnt land on me.

Everyone: yeah it totally landed there (even tho they know hes out
by ih8schoolsomuch January 17, 2012
The sign of signifigance in human beings, particulary highschool students.
"Bernard is so talented at everything, he is teh alpha male"
"i own you, im the alpha male"
by vinmastah November 02, 2005

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