The Alpha Male does not have a specific "Image", or fall under a certain category and is not defined by looks, money, or arrogance rather the Alpha Male is defined as being an all around good guy but possessing the confidence and social know-how to be successful in epic proportions with woman but anything the Alpha Male sets his mind out to be. Yeah that's right you wanted to be an ultra marathoner astronaut anesthesiologist astrophysicist but your not Alpha Male mind set told you you couldn't do it so your a failure before you even start. The Alpha Male does not brag about his successes with woman, money, education, etc. at least not often because when he walks into the room everyone can quite literally feel his presence of awesomeness. It is not arrogance but genuine good. The Alpha Male can be anyone he wants without compromising a drop of his true character, the Alpha Male does not believe in "leagues" like you weak beta males...the Alpha Male is understanding, nice, social, and sometimes even caring and does not care if its perceived as "beta or weak" because if anyone were to challenge him he would socially castrate them from beta to omega...
Alpha Male: Yeah that pretty girl you saw in chemistry that you and your beta male friends all said were out of your "league" ("leagues" do not exist if your an Alpha male) and think no one but Bill Gates and Brad Pitt fused together could get, I asked her out and we had epic sex and she's begging for more except you'll never know because I don't care what you think...
by CTU_FieldAgent200 July 10, 2011
Alphamale - a man who is powerful or high on the social ladder. The status of the alpha is generally achieved by means of superior physical, mental or athletic prowess.
Kobe Bryant is the alphamale on his team.
by ThomII May 03, 2008
An alpha male is, to put it in the most simplest way, powerful. That's it--the more powerful a male, the more of an alpha male he is. This power roots from his superior intelligence, as well as his superior physical stature.

People often associate the term "alpha male" with this sort of openly-overconfident male who is an outgoing extrovert. This isn't true. The allpha male would not have to rely on such socialising to attract people; the male who attracts people despite staying out of the spotlight and remaining silent is the real alpha male.
You're walking down the street and cross paths with a fairly muscular guy in dark clothes, looking down, right into your eyes so intimidatingly. He looks so quiet and reserved, yet so confident and definite. That guy was an alpha male and you probably now wanna get ravished by him in bed.
by IamMRAnonymous923 January 24, 2015
1) the dominant member of a pack of wolves.
2) any person with a dominating personality, causing the assertion of or struggle for leadership in almost any situation.
While Dubya was busily pretending to be an alpha-male whilst getting coked up and going AWOL from his Air National Guard unit during Vietnam, John Kerry was matter-of-factly leading his swiftboat successfully through enemy fire in true alpha-male form.
by FunkyBumpkin April 29, 2005
The epitome of male class. Makes trashy little asshole frat daddies that treat women like shit look like absolute garbage. Loves his woman and his mother. Runs any party and knows how to keep it going 'till 4 in the morning. Despises saggy pants because "they make you look like an asshole". Can come off as obnoxious, but can be a proper young man when you get to the roots. Gives his woman the utmost respect and whatever she wants and needs. Treats his friends like family. Cigarettes? Too douche-y. The occasional cigar is classy enough for him, with a little Jack. Women are drawn to him while men admire him. Douchebags and anyone who treats women like dirt are jealous of him. He has longer relationships than 90% of frat daddies and would never lay his hands on a woman, especially his mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife. Famous alpha males include George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, James Dean, and Peter Evans.
DAMN! Dylan is a total alpha male. That is sexy.
by BabydollDame22 May 17, 2016
1) A really awesome wolf that literally gets all of the tail in the pack.
2) A human male of great substance who exudes awesomeness in all areas that matter.

3) According to modern women, any steroid-using douche bag with tattoos who also treats her poorly.
"Dude, that guy thinks he's such an alpha male but he's really just a steroid-using douche bag who treats women poorly."

"Yeah, but the ladies eat it all up. So? Gym or tattoo parlor bro?"

"Both bro!"
by Insidious_Sid April 15, 2015
Running up to someone and humping them in the ass. Usually used when people don't expect it.
"Dude, I just alphamaled him"
by Your fucking mom. June 07, 2009
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