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Alphamale - a man who is powerful or high on the social ladder. The status of the alpha is generally achieved by means of superior physical, mental or athletic prowess.
Kobe Bryant is the alphamale on his team.
by ThomII May 03, 2008
26 17
Running up to someone and humping them in the ass. Usually used when people don't expect it.
"Dude, I just alphamaled him"
by Your fucking mom. June 07, 2009
17 8
The Alpha Male does not have a specific "Image", or fall under a certain category and is not defined by looks, money, or arrogance rather the Alpha Male is defined as being an all around good guy but possessing the confidence and social know-how to be successful in epic proportions with woman but anything the Alpha Male sets his mind out to be. Yeah that's right you wanted to be an ultra marathoner astronaut anesthesiologist astrophysicist but your not Alpha Male mind set told you you couldn't do it so your a failure before you even start. The Alpha Male does not brag about his successes with woman, money, education, etc. at least not often because when he walks into the room everyone can quite literally feel his presence of awesomeness. It is not arrogance but genuine good. The Alpha Male can be anyone he wants without compromising a drop of his true character, the Alpha Male does not believe in "leagues" like you weak beta males...the Alpha Male is understanding, nice, social, and sometimes even caring and does not care if its perceived as "beta or weak" because if anyone were to challenge him he would socially castrate them from beta to omega...
Alpha Male: Yeah that pretty girl you saw in chemistry that you and your beta male friends all said were out of your "league" ("leagues" do not exist if your an Alpha male) and think no one but Bill Gates and Brad Pitt fused together could get, I asked her out and we had epic sex and she's begging for more except you'll never know because I don't care what you think...
by Nate.4234322364323 July 10, 2011
108 114
When a person puts down another person in an attempted to keep a higher status in a certain activity/subject
Person 1: *acting funny*
Person 2: *Does something funnier*
Person 1: Dude whats wrong with you? Your such an idiot, dumbass douchebag, screw off.
Person 2: Don't Alpha Male me, you can't be the only one.
by TheMrTaco February 15, 2013
44 51
Like a real dictator, some megalomaniac who thinks he has some special right to run the show. Has only as much power as people give him in their minds. You choose to obey him, he has power. You choose not to, he has nothing.
An alpha male can be punched in the face with no penalty, because he has no real power.
by I wanna riot!!!!!!!! December 09, 2008
89 98
A domineering and aggressive male. Instinctually forces his will upon other males and females to get his way through any means necessary, including violence. Unhibited and primitive.
Have you seen the way the boss runs the show...he's definitely an alpha male.
by iceveiled June 30, 2006
298 311
1) noun Top Dog
2) verb To bend somone over and hump the crap out of them while screaming, "I AM THE ALPHA-MALE!" . (usually with clothes on, unless.... you get lucky. wink)
3) verb For a guy half-nelsons another guy and proceedes to hump vigorously while screaming "I AM THE ALPHA-MALE!"
1) Sammy is the Alpha-male.
2) Taylor bent Sammy over a table, alpha-maled him, and yelled, "I AM THE ALPHA-MALE."
3) Sammy turned around and got Taylor into a half-nelson, failed, and was alpha-maled by Taylor who screamed, "I AM THE ALPHA-MALE" ... again. ugh
by Sammy & Taylor & Theatre Dep February 13, 2008
9 27