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A mythical creature used to replace the misspelling of the word "a lot" so that something may make a bit of sense in the world.
I like this Alot.
by Cytherea April 18, 2010
A word that actually exists; but since it isn't found in dictionaries it drives people up the wall. A combination of "a" and "lot."
Alot of words are considered ungrammatical before they are sanctioned.
by David Horvitz March 05, 2005
Alot, contracting two words can save alot of time.
If I must spell Alot as "a lot" then you motherfuckers must spell Nobody "No body" and Anyone "Any one". Contraction conventions should be pretty universal. Its not retarded its lingual evolution.
Allot and alot have two different meanings.
by theperm December 06, 2007
A way to say something was good or is good
yeah man that was alot.
by Alotbwoiyy August 25, 2008
Used to quantitavely describe the feeling of Love I feel towards a special somebody, in terms of to the edge of the universe and back
Boy "I Love you"
Girl "How much?"
Boy "Alot.."
Girl "wow I never knew you loved me so much!"

Love commences.
by R4HaLwys February 21, 2009
A word that actually DOES exist, and any idiot who claims otherwise is "retarded."
Alot of Americans are brainless twits.
by Taither May 12, 2008
It's cyber-speak to indicate a huge quantity of something. For the prudish Queen's English users, it's equivalent to "a lot".
i used to dig dragonlance ALOT back in sec sch.
by raistlinmage June 18, 2006