a person who plays runescape all day, lives in his mommys basement when his mommy doesn't even love him. Also known as a loner
Look at the aloof in the corner wonder if he knows he's not wearing any pants?
by Chris9119 December 17, 2007
Top Definition
The state of being emotionally distanced. May be seen as laid back or cold and arrogant, depending on the onlooker.
That kid is so aloof that he wasn't phased when he caught his girl cheating on him.
by SenoritaDiabla July 10, 2008
adjective; describes someone who doesn't give a fuck
This aloof individual broke many hearts and crushed many dreams.

The aloof girl will be alone forever.

The aloof girl will have many cats.
by theyellowblanketishere July 20, 2013
A state of cluelessness or self-imposed ignorance that has taken some effort to achieve.
"How can someone be so aloof? I've never seen someone take not being serious so seriously."
by edgeofblade March 11, 2013
incredibly slick, laid back, but totally bad ass.
Dude, these bitches rolled up and they were fine as hell... I was so aloof that I nailed them both
by bebop February 23, 2004
the state of being or doing anything incuding being at a distance. Use at one's leisure.
Man! Your soo aloof. Why do you gotta got and aloof like that?? Go aloof yourself.
by thealoofer March 21, 2005
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