1. An always laughing out loud person
2. A 'tard(an always laughing out late person)
3. a person not knowing why the fuck she is laughing out at(a laughing out lost)
"Say Coasty, I banged that boobasssChelsee last night but why the hellafuck was she all the time laughing out loud, is she 'tard or sum drugstoned?"
"She is a lol, she can't help, her mother like the same as her, motherfucking bitches!"
by Slangherinthenight May 21, 2008
Top Definition
To actually laugh out loud. Due to the common usage of 'lol' for situations with only brief elements of humour, alol has become necessary to signify to someone when you actually laughed out loud
<Jack> And then mum walked in
<Jill> alol
by KH January 15, 2004
the act of actually laughing out loud (lol), as opposed to just typing lol but not really laughing
C: yeah last night was really fun
C: i wish i could remember what happened though
P: hahaha
P: that made me lol forreal
C: it made you alol???
P: yes
C: (actually lol)
by courtnayy August 18, 2008
Actually laughing out loud. With the inclusion of 'lol' into our vocabulary, it has become impossible to tell if someone is actually laughing out loud. Now we have a'lol, until that gets raped and overused too..
that was so funny i a'lolled
by Tha Tonkin July 08, 2009
Actually Laughing out loud . no one actually laughs when they say LOL.
I ALOL'd then. That was so funny you made me Alol.
by Timothyjohnoconnor February 24, 2009
Actually laugh out loud. Started in World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Entropia Universe. The reasoning behind this acronym is from people texting lol, and then not actually laughing out loud as they could not be heard over the game audio. Those that actually laugh during an online joke would text alol, as in , I am actually laughing out loud.
USER#1: (Tells a Joke)
USER#2: haha
USER#3: lol
USER#4: alol <--They are actually laughing in real life.
by Nabolshia April 12, 2011
Actual laughing out loud.
Person 1: {really funny joke}
Person 2: a'lol
Person 1: a'lol?
Person 2: I actually laughed! People keep misusing lol the bastards!
by Cranki July 08, 2009
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