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Alo is undefinable. It is derived from the tribal language of the Bengali. It is commonly used in Spanish conversations.
This world is aloed.
I just failed a math exam, alo.
by Ari December 16, 2004
43 31
when you pick up the phone, you say "alo" as the first word, just like "hello"
john: "alo, who is this?"
phone: "this is the police"
john: "oh"
by uptherabbithole May 16, 2009
37 11
when your moist wet vagina releases a hard cock in the middle of a rainy night
whys cabo not here today?......................
You didnt hear man he had his alos last night.
by john dubie October 14, 2009
21 7
To elbow someone in the gut followed by an immediate backhand to the face. Only seen done under the influence of alcohol.
Man after he got wasted he pulled a lo on his girl.
by 12e_JynXed April 19, 2009
4 3
french way to say hello. the don't pronounce the hello, and change the e to an a sound.
phone rings
person: alo?
by sparkle June 25, 2005
24 24
A nickname for a man named andy with a booty like J-lo. A-Lo's can be commonly seen working in middle management at Wal-mart. If not at work, he can also be seen playing W.O.W in his cave Also Fluent in Spanish.
EXAMPLE: Damn look at that A-Lo Booty

EXAMPLE: He's still, He's still A-Lo from the block

EXAMPLE: Can A-Lo please come to isle 3 for customer service.
by HurryKane June 21, 2010
1 4
short for someone's name. like mine!
alo is like jlo but jlo copied alo cuz alo is better and qter than jlo and jlo sucks and alo rocks.
by aLO* June 30, 2003
13 23