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to talk incessantly about lacrosse
there was no way he was going to score with that chick, he just almyed her to death.
by frank July 23, 2003
slow or stupid
I went to the retard house and helped all the almys.
by joe July 21, 2003
lazy in bed; like when you are doing this chick and all she does is just lay there.
i brought this hot chick home last night, but she sucked in bed. She just almyed.
by matt July 21, 2003
to be extremely lazy
it was only half a flight of stairs, but i took the elevator instead. i pulled an almy.
by dave July 18, 2003
To take the easy way out or to eat excessively.
(1) I was too tired to take the stairs, so I pulled an Almy.(2) My girlfriend Almyed her way through an entire freakin' pizza.
by Jeff July 18, 2003
Something that retards or holds back. To slow down or hold-up.
Try as he might, the cop couldn't catch me because he was almyed by his bullet-proof vest.
by jack July 24, 2003