1: somniferious; a person who is sleepy or tired
2: a person so stoned that their eyes are closed
1: "my optical receptors have fallen too heavy to speak intelectually . i have somneriferious almond eyes"
2: "dude man you're so stoned you lookin through a pair of fawkin almond eyes"
by Heroin Joe February 17, 2009
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An asian person who's eyes resemble almonds.
Why are those damn almond eyes so damn smart?
by Alex \m/ April 01, 2008
What you call someone who squints a lot. Named for the shape of the eyes whilst doing said action.
Person #1: "That guy always looks at us weird."
Person #2: "He's just an almond eyes, dude."
by Mr Gigglezz July 03, 2012

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