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Someone who -- no matter how good your story -- always has to come up with one of their own that tops it.
Old Surfer Joe has a critical case of Alltimers.
by Nickster November 17, 2003
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A very common disease, that originates in the large intestines. Causes the infected person to have a need/desire to poop at an irregular daily. The All-Timers Diseases acts mainly when nervous, causing your friends to wait for you while you poop, leading to them getting angry at you for pooping every time you're about to go somewhere. No diagnosis has been found yet.
Jeffy - "Yo man lets go smoke this j"

Frank - "Shit man, let me take a quickie"

Jeffy - "Fuck man, it all takes you so long and you always have to shit before we smoke"

Frank - "Dude, i have All-Timers Disease"
by Flippy55 June 25, 2010
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