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A very unique name.

Allison: son of a noble one
It is a german name and was originally a name given to boys.

Elizabeth: God is my oath
This name is Hebrew

Along with this unique name, Allison Elizabeth is a very unique person. She is gorgeous, even if she doesn't believe it. She is talented in many ways. She helps others before herself. She has trouble saying 'no' and asking for other people's help. She is very independent. She has a low self esteem. Her friends are not her first priority, the reason why she has very few. She is very smart and will aspire to something great. I'd you find a girl with this name, never let her go.
Person 1: who's that girl sitting by herself?

Person 2: oh, that's Allison Elizabeth.

Person 1: why is she all alone?

Person 2: she likes to be alone more than being with others.

Person 1: is she dating anybody?

Person 2: nope

Person 1: but why?!?! She's drop dead gorgeous!!!

Person 2: idk. I think she's suffering depression. She's always sad.

Person 1: oh... I'm going to talk to her

Person 2: lol good luck with that!
by AliceTheAuthor October 16, 2013
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