A term for friends when saying goodbye to friends. A little like 'crocodile' - another term for saying 'see you later'.
"See you later alligator."

"In a while crocodile."
by EmB.♥ August 14, 2009
Commonly referred to as swamp ass, this is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Most commonly infected are athletic males and the obese. This disease is caused by an insufficient wipe of the anus after a poo, and later exposure of the dingleberries to the intense heat generated in the sauna, that is an ass crack. Athletic activity or fatness can intensify the moist heat generated in anal cavity, thus increasing the potency of the alligators.
Symptoms of alligators include monsterous dingleberries resembling alligators, a slick sweaty sensation between the ass cheeks, and in severe cases, a bog-like, swampy stench eminating from the backside. The Afghani Sauna effect.
It should be noted that attractive females are immune to alligators being as they dont go poop, and therefore don't get dingleberries.
Tom: Dude I've got some wicked alligators crawlin' around in my butt right now.
Jose: Si senor. You should try to wipe next time.

Fat Man: Bla! Im so fat I can't wipe my ass! Now I have alligators.

Hot Chick: I don't get alligators cuz i doon't poop. Yay!
by Mahmoud Amidemajad March 22, 2008
Taste's like chicken
Zoe: This chicken is good!
Paul: um, that's alligator. Actually.
Zoe: Ew!
by Van Wampler February 04, 2009
When somethings just so awesome, there's no other word for it.
It was awesomely, amazingly, alligator!
by em4260 July 05, 2011
When a penis is inserted into a vagina and the male wraps is arms and legs around the female and says "I've got AIDS" and then procedes to roll around.
"You should have seen the look on her face when I gave here an alligator"
by Ranger rotc October 26, 2007
A poop that is so big that part of it sticks out of the toilet water.
I just dropped a nice alligator.
by Maisu Danim February 20, 2010
Line of men engaged in anal sex, if enough participate then can be in a circle with the first penetrating the last.
There were 5 of us so I said 'Hey lets do an alligator'
by APriesty October 15, 2009
when two gays are fucking and the one sticks his dick in the others mouth and takes a piss.
ew!! did you hear about John and Jack? John totally did an alligator in Jack's bed!!!!
by cheese steaks taste like ducks April 24, 2009
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