an umbrella term for inebriated public urination, usually taking place at 2am in a dark Milwaukee alley.
GERRY: "I gotta alley cats so bad."
MIKE: "Dammit, me too."
GERRY: "Let's try this sketchy looking alley over here."
by mainecoone May 26, 2012
A person or persons who roam the alleys at night rummaging through trash.
Did you hear those alleycats fighting over that stuff in the dumpster last night?

Well, one mans trash is another mans treasure.
by roadrage1022 July 26, 2010
A male who's black hair is plagued with dandruff, so much so that it is evident that a shower has never crossed this persons mind- leaving them looking like an alley cat.
I was walking down Tin Pan Alley when I saw an Alley Cat by the name of Adam. It was clear that in Tin Pan Alley, shampoo is a curse word. His Dandruff glowed in the moonlight.
by joeyrogue7 February 06, 2009
An alley cat is a younger women in her late 20's or early 30's but is unattractive and thinks she is pretty. She is not old enough to be a sabretooth, but thinks of herself as a puma, or a pre-cougar.
Kathy thought she was hot but had to be told she was an alley cat.
by dent doc January 21, 2009
someone who never goes out and sleeps all day.

"Dont you know that im an alley cat and ill stay home and dream my life away."
by Steel Train December 03, 2006
When a white chick or a girl with light skin has a dark poon.
AWW thats gross Stacey has an alley cat
by Jack Mehoff February 21, 2005
a dark pussy on a white girl or just a girl with light skin.
Eww dont band stacey she has an alleycat
by Jack Mehoff February 22, 2005
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