small student of insects
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
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Top Definition
A term used by parents describing their socially unacceptable male child. Who may also be overly aggressive and demonstrates behavior a female child wouldn't be allowed to get away with. Parents who use this term usually adapt this term when they want to politely warn others of their Hell Spawn child. Also used in place of vulgar language or as an excuse to allow the child to be a terrible human being.
"Oh I am so embarrassed my son is out of control. You know he is, All Boy."

Ben doesn't respect other peoples things or personal space because he is "all boy".

He is a little flirt (but takes it farther than acceptable behavior) watch out girls he is "all boy".

I don't know how to handle my child so I give up. I'll just warn everyone and tell them he is "All Boy".
by WiseWoman July 22, 2014

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