allahu akbar? like extra holes poked through your head by peaceful shrapnel are akbar: NOT at all!! Children who refuse to be sexually victimized have explosives lashed to them to spread the islam around in the finest particles possible (acerbic apologetics assault) as quickly as possible (explosive ecumenism).
by allah not akbar² June 15, 2013
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Literally "God is great" in Arabic. Nice thought, however...

what is said by people beheading hogtied victims "in the name of God"

or what is said by someone in a carbomb seconds before he fires it off in a crowded marketplace.
"Wait for that grandmother with her three cute grandkids gets a bit closer"


KA-BLAM!!! ... screams, wailing, etc
by alpino November 06, 2009
Run the fuck away
"Allahu Akbar!" - "shit, run!"
by Tattywengles May 22, 2013
Celebration for anything and everything that exists in the world.
firing a tank "Allahu Akbar"
orgasming "Allahu Akbar"
Finding a ripe fruit "Allahu Akbar"
by Rytheking2 February 11, 2015
Something funny to say when throwing a paper airplane in class
Person 1: hey throw that paper airplane
Person 2: *throws plane* ALLAHU AKBARRRR
by _Cheezpuff$_ May 12, 2015
Actually means "God is the Greatest" but Isis uses this incorrectly. Isis however is actually the complete opposite of Islam.
*gets a good grade* "Allahu Akbar. I thank god for the good grade"
by hamba999 November 13, 2015
The Act of Feltching a Camel or other large animal
Ahmed pulled a deep Allahu Akbar on his camel after he pumped it full of jizz.
by mike hello June 13, 2007
Expression meaning, " the God (ALLAH) is Greater..." used predominately by usually is thought to mean God is Greatest, however, there is no limit to the creator of the worlds, thus, " God is greater...than any limit imposed"....Greatest imposes a limit in the Universe
Peter: Eh yo, I just accepted Islam as my way of life. I believe there is only ONE God and Muhammad is one of his messengers.

Malik: Allahu Akbar! may Allah guide you to the best in this life and the next! Ameen!
by 23(tu-three) November 17, 2005

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