a term used by Chicanos to express an unexpected surprise
Joe: "hey Cathy, what you get on your test?"
Cathy: "I gotta a 100% guey!"
by Pinche Joey November 30, 2010
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Top Definition
alla: an extremely hot girl that all the guys go crazy over. Holla for alla!
Alla is the girl that all the guys wanna get with. When she walks by, she gets attention!
by R0ni November 07, 2006
Derives from such scum holes like Huyton, in Liverpool (for you yanks that's in the UK). Means unfair, tight, wrong. And is usually used by young car thiefs wearing lacoste track-suits(chavs basically).
Johno: Arhh kid that waz pure allas liirrd
Johno#2: I know laaa, where is that spliff?
by Thomas Machell September 23, 2005

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