General douche bag , know it all ,someone acting like there black ,someone that's the best at something but looks like idiot
Did you see that all star with gold chains and the baggy pants he drove a sausage slinger that sounds like a pile of rolling shit,
Get jimmy to fix your car he's all star mechanic
by Gravy December 22, 2014
Some one who does something stupid at any given moment. Isolated incidents.
Josh walked into the screen door. what a fucking all star.
by Jesse Cortez February 07, 2007
a person who thinks he is great at everything who trys to be good but totally sucks, by this person i mean a guneet all-star is terrible. All-star trys to make himself look good but he fucking sucks
hey all-star you're so good.(sarcastic)
by anonymous December 07, 2004
1. The legendary indoor soccer team ever. Originating from the small town of Comboyne dominated the competition of the local Wauchope Indoor tourament for one whole season. The team featured members such as Kyle "Safari Man" A., Kai "is GOD" J., Joe "Joriento" F., Steve "toe poke" F., Liam "sheep" J., Matt "big red" L.
1. Man your as good as the ALL STARS!
2. The ALL STARS have won the comp.
3. You wish you were as good as the ALL STARS
by Kai Jacobs December 12, 2005
Very large,delicious,suculent breasts. Also see juggs
Did you see those all stars busting out of her shirt?
by Cinna September 02, 2004
lena's favorite cousin david is an allstar cause he rocks.
You missed cousin allstar at the gym today. He was rockin on the stairmaster.
by lj March 25, 2005
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