When you get all busted up, wasted, hammered. It is another word used to describe a state of being heavily under the influence of alcohol.
Lets get allbus before we go to the club.
by K-lUvDuE December 10, 2004
Top Definition
Hawaiian pidgin for: "all busted", "all busted up", or "all wasted".

Used to describe someone who drank too much or something that's in bad shape and isn't looking good.
Ho, look at Trevor, it's only 5:00 and he stay all bus already!!
Look at Mari's car...all bus li' dat!
Wot happen yo face? You look all bus up!!!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007
intoxicated or drunk to to point point where where you feel like you need to tell someone your wasted.
shoots ba, i all bus up.
by jungle P November 11, 2003
when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cannot function properly
eh i just drank some vodka and i stay all bus yo.
by jack mihada July 02, 2003
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