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it means doing everything there is to do, sex wise. inc sex and sexual foreplay
Honey, what do you want to do tonight?" "all portions babe". the couple proceed to rip of each others clothes and rub their naked bodies together, she grabs his hand and puts it on her tit, he squeezes, then he puts her hand on his cock, she strokes, then she dips down and bjs him - deepthroating of course. he moans and cums in her mouth, grabbing her tits with more pressure. she suddenly stops and turns around, her wet pussy on his face, his balls in her mouth. he rubs her clit with his tongue, then gently licks her flaps and all around. she shivers, wanting him to come inside her, so he licks over her pussy repeatedly making her cum, then he inserts his tongue, just slightly, into her pussy and she groans, begging him for more. he pushes his tongue in and out of her pussy and she reaches orgasm. he lays her out and turns her over so her butt is on his lap and her legs either side of him. he kisses her cheeks, then lifts her so she is on all fours, in doggy styleposition, and bends over her. his stiffy is next to her pussy, she is pushing against him trying to make him come inside her so he does, pushing and pushing into her making her scream with pain and delight. when they are done they lay together both soaking wet his hand on top of her minge her hands on his chest. "you did that well" she whispered. he replied "just remember babe: all portions r my fav.
by bi-girl and proud :) December 30, 2010
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