a term used to say that someone is "all over" another person. esp. a sexual part of the body
dman yo! she was all over it!
by fook yu July 30, 2003
Top Definition
Idiomatic expression, implying that something is under control or taken care of. Superlative of the phrase "I'm on it."
Sam: "I need this done by noon!"
Dave: "I'm all over it!"
by Tim Bessler July 27, 2003
Completely enthusiastic or expert about a particular topic.

Not to be confused with over it
I'm all over the Urban Dictionary.
by warren b October 21, 2001
Showering something with attention
I saw that ass and was all over it.
by X July 28, 2003
to dispatch with alacricity; to take care of with gusto
I'm all over it (finsihing that project)
As soon as they found the leftover cake, they were all over it
by mandingoe July 16, 2003
" Have it covered " or Have the situation totally under control
"Man that was a great game of b-ball" " yeah, you were all over it"
by KEN July 27, 2003
If someone is able to complete a task, and can do it right away, they are considered to be "all over it"
Hey dude could you grab me a mountain dew? I'm all over it man. Here ya go.
by MC July 27, 2003
Totally involved in an action or event.

Also to be in control of a problem or situation.
Don't worry about the fire, i'm all over it.

by Stefan July 13, 2003
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