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without spaces in a url
The url for Urban Dictionary is www dot urbandictionary all one word dot com
by Howard Cook November 12, 2005
adj., often follows noun, syntactical onomatopoeia of "all one word"

written as one word with no spaces, (often used to clarify the spelling of word or name that could also be spelled with spaces)

adv. alloneword
Her name is Lisabeth, alloneword. (adj.)

"Lisabeth" is spelled alloneword. (adv.)
by nopain00 March 02, 2005
In an Internet address, a way of indicating that several words are all jammed together into one word.
bubba: What's yr Internet address?
htrn: htrn@overyonder<alloneword>.com
by daDebil February 29, 2004
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