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To crumble under pressure, as the All Blacks have done at the previous 5 Rugby World Cup.
And Dan aims up an easy shot at goal.......oh now has made an All Blacks of that one and completely missed.
by Russellnz October 09, 2007
33 64
Bunch of repressed homosexuals who play the most latently homoerotic, boring and therefore, shittest game ever 'invented' (i.e shat out by Satan himself) Rugby Union. Revered and treated as Gods by the New Zealanders, which is testament to how stupid New Zealanders actually are. An IQ of a retard is a prerequisite to be an All Black. Perform a ridiculous savage dance known as the 'haka' and mistake opponents and foreigners laughter and mockery of it as respect and deference. Over-indulged, preening pussies who choke whenever put under any pressure. Makes one asamed to be a new Zealander
"I thought they were supposed to win the world cup"

"no they choked, of course they did, they're the All Blacks"

Canadian bacpacker 1 "check out those fags over on that playing field"

Canadian backpacker 2 "dude I think that's the All Blacks
by mrlaperouse March 29, 2011
5 39
an insult meaning: to fail to perform under pressure, particularly in a sporting event.
to choke under pressure.
a choker.
"i got knocked out at the quarter finals"
"dude, what an all blacks."
by quantum ninja October 10, 2007
21 60
A large group of over indulged rugby-playingchoker(s)from the southern Hemisphere, where they are preened and treated like Gods, only to discover that when confronted by opposition with a 'game plan' that they are incapable of stepping up.
The entire 2007 Rughy World Cup All Black Team.
viz..the 2005 Chicago White Sox, 2004 New York Yankees oh 2003 All Blacks, 1999 All Blacks
by bobbobbob October 07, 2007
15 55
The All Blacks (the New Zealand national Rugby Union team) are unfortunately, probably the greatest side in the history of the game. They have certainly won more than anyone else.

I say unfortunately because, well, they come from New Zealand, and are therefore primarily composed of sheep shaggers. Admittedly, jealousy is what makes me bring that up, but it remains a valid point.

Marked by a curious lack of good finishes in world cups.
The All Blacks won again. Surprise.
by Wylyam June 14, 2006
29 76
Oh dear, they lost in the semis.
The All Blacks lost in the Semis.
by All Black November 20, 2003
28 98