A girl's name.
Shortened version of Alice, Alexandra, Alison and so on.
Pronounced 'A-lee'
It is a very rare name and it means: "precious, awakening, noble, bright, famous, man's defender, exalted".
Oi!, Alie!

You know that girl, Alie?
by AlieWay May 17, 2009
A nickname for the name Natalie. pronounced like Ally, but spelt Alie due to the fact that it is the last four letters of the name Natalie. Natalie's that use this nickname are pretty awesome, they are really girly, and usually wicked hot, and happen to have a great sense of humor. They also can get mad if you call them "Nat" instead of Alie, cause they are not a bug!
" Wow, here comes Alie, man is she hot!"

"Have you talked to Natalie today?"
"Who's Natalie?"
"Oh yah i talked to Alie, and man was she looking good!"
by Aliegurl March 04, 2010
alie, is just basically short for Am I Lieing?
Todays been banging, Alie?
by kokopopz February 01, 2009

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