She is an EXTREME whore and will do just about anything to keep the attention of the opposite sex. She uses her long soft hair and light colored eyes to mesmerize the guys that she wants, making them believe that she wants a relationship with them, but really she would never stay with just one guy. She MUST impress everyone and make them all believe that she is satisfied and happy with her life, when really she worries WAY too much about what people think of her. Her attention-seeking behavior is thought to come from a serious lack of confidence that lies deep, deep within her. She must have men all over her and girls being jealous of her in order to help her believe she is worth something.
Girl 1: Alicia is such a whore. She doesn't even try to hide it.

Girl 2: I know! And she is so clueless. No one really even likes her.
Boy 1: Don't talk about my girlfriend like that! She's not a whore.

Boy 2: YOUR girlfriend? Me and Alicia have been together for like 3 months now.
Boy 3: Alicia told me yesterday that she dumped you so she could date me!
Girl 1: Like I said. Total. Whore
by sorryimsuchabitchlolnotreally November 17, 2013
Dumb bitch.
Alicia is a dumb bitch.
by Alisa Smith October 24, 2011
Slut, whore, girl who thinks she owns the world. She can't get a guy because he is always embarrassed to be with her. She preferably chooses older men who are loaded with acne and are on the chubby side. She uses self tanner and looks like a Rottweiler, the ugly kind with no teeth. Did I mention, she has like, 4 teeth.
Ewwww don't be an Alicia!

That Alicia girl is just so damn ugly, she reminds me of some animal that a shark had from mating with a dog, that mated with a rat!
A girl, usually a slut, often with loose and wide set vagina.
It would really suck to have an Alicia for a room mate
by smccue27 September 07, 2010

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