The most amazing girl a friend could ask for. Can be crazy at times but normally down to earth. Can be completely devoted to her boyfriends and, despite her past, love to make people smile. She can be agressive but that's just part of her craziness.
She's soooo Alicia.
#amazing #friendly #nice #kind #crazy
by ForeverLove6354 November 21, 2010
the most amazing person in the world. beautiful, stunning, and georgeous. totally dedicated to her boyfriend but gives him space. the best friend anyone could ask for and guys are always talking and flirting with her. any guy would be extremely lucky to go out with her. shes always hapy and wears a great smile. shes very cheerful and hapy all of the time. very cool and fun to hang out with.loves to have a good time. she also has a great body and is always full of energy. is great at all sports beacause shes very athletic.
person 1: whos that hot girl u were talking to?!
person 2: thats my girlfriend alicia
person 1: dude, your so lucky. she seems amazing
person 2: you have noo idea! shes better than anyone ive ever met!
#smart #beautiful #lovable #caring #exciting
by the fashion freak January 21, 2011
You'd think you know her, but you actually don't. Her face is very misleading to her personality. She's very pretty, especially when she smiles. She's very good at sensing vibes and many would call her unique or weird. She likes art and hates mainstream. She is either really lazy or really motivated. She can be really spontaneous but she is very down to earth. You wouldn't want her on your bad side however. And if you're on her good side (which is easy to do), then luck you! She is a giver. She always has cold hands, but her touches are always warm. She believes in experience. She never ever judges but fears of being judged. She enjoys time of serenity as well as times when she can just go full out. She is constantly questioning decisons and is always searching for the real her. She has long hair, ususally dark or black, but with random browns in it. Her eyes are like dark chocolate, and they get very small when she laughs. She has a soothing, low voice. She lacks confidence. She's attracted to shy guys, but get along very very well with outgoing guys.
Hahah only Alicia :')
Alicia is addicting
She's quirky
#alicia #funny #indecisive #unique #mainstream
by brazilla908 November 10, 2013
Origin: English
Meaning: Truthful

She recognizes the good in others. Hers is a timeless beauty. She is self-confident when facing adversity, and time spent with family is important to her. Alicia believes that knowledge is freedom. She enjoys reading a good book. She is admired for her perseverance, she is carefree and joyous.
1: That girl is just a genuinely nice person.
2: Who?
1: The girl reading the book over there.
2: Ohh. Yeah, Thats because her name is Alicia.
#alicia #ali #alice #alisha #sena
by Allaboutnames February 08, 2012
(Al-ee-sh-ee-ah)n. A cute, cool girl who sings beautifully, most likely with her boyfriend and/or friends in their garage band. She hangs with the guys as if she were just one of them. No doubt the sex-appeal of the group, an Alicia has no definite hair color, but knows her hair's true origin unlike a majority of the girls these days. She loves cats, Dexter, and playing guitar. A truly cool chick who should live forever... or die tryin'!
Man, I hope one day I can finds me an Alicia!

Dude, Alicia, let's play Left 4 Dead!
#cute #cool #singer #garage band #live forever #l4d #sex-appeal
by The Squid TT January 01, 2010
An adorable yet spontaneous girl that's life is a big WOW. She loves to eat sugar which adds to her life's wow-factor. She is tall with big and beautiful green hazel eyes. She is loved and has a very short best friend whose name starts with an "m." She is very funny and loves to sing, also.
Wow, you have such an Alicia life!!
#cute #amazing #wow #tiny #choir
by Meme Rawr November 04, 2010
She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Her inner beauty shines to her exterior being. Although at first she can be intimidating, once you get to know her, you'll find that she is a hopeless romantic, someone worth loving for the rest of your life. She is the kind of girl who's intelligence and inner beauty outshines that of the other girls. Once you meet her, never let her go. She will be a valuable asset in your life.
Alicia is the woman I want to marry, the woman I want to grow old with, and the woman I'll forever love.
#beautiful #intelligent #love #alicia wei #forever #kind #loving #hopeless romantic
by Leopard Wolf April 03, 2013
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