is the lovliest girl i have ever met and she is so beautiful its unreal and most of all she is the love of my life. By Tom G
by FreakingPanda March 05, 2013
Alicia is an amazing best friend and will never let you down. She doesn't ever give up on her dreams and she always has a smile on her face. She's an amazing singer and deserves a prince as a boyfriend because she is a princess. She lights up a room like no one else, and cares so much about everyone. She also gives the best advice and loves God a lot. Shopping and make-up are her hobbies and she loves having fun with all her friends. She is very easy to be jealous of, even if she doesn't think so. She's absolutely gorgeous and even though sometimes you want to punch her, you can't because she's just that awesome. You will want to have Alicia be your best friend for as long as possible and you will never want to let her go because it would be the worst decision of your life.
Wow! Look at that butt! Her name must be Alicia!
Dang! Look at that girl sing! She must be an Alicia!
Wow she's an amazing friend! Yeah her name is Alicia!
by ericasoccer1028 May 25, 2012
Alicia is the most wonderful girl you'll meet. She's crazy and funny. Her eyes will sparkle so bright when she's happy. And she's an amazing person to be around with. Alicia can always make you happy and put a smile on your face.
Person 1: "Mannnn, who is that girl?"
Person 2: "Not sure but I think thats Alicia, Sammie's girlfriend"
by sammie.lynn12 May 30, 2013
A girl who always uses this awesome emoticon face on MSN. She is really cute, smart, and knows how to make someone laugh! She likes kebabs and doritos.
Did you see that girl? She was eating doritos, SHE MUST BE CALLED ALICIA!

Omg.... this girl used the emoticon! That's sooo an alicia!

Person 1: Lets get kebabs!
by elleeebelle October 29, 2010
alicia is a very special girl with a very certain sparkle! she is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. she keeps all your secrets and you can always trust her. she is absolutley gorgeous and thin. she has dark beautiful hair and will turn your bad day into a great day. she also has a very special day is august!! everyone loves her especially a girl named sydney! :) LOVE YOU ALICIA! BESTIES FOREVA! <3
girl 1: do you see that girl? shes absolutley gorgeous!
girl 2: ya her name is alicia and we are besties!
by *!lovepink!8 April 20, 2012
Usually Brunette big ass and boobs...Really mean...except if your her friend loves to flirt with boys its like a hobby very outgoing and really hot
GUY 1: Alicia is so hot i want to bang her
GUY 2: not if i get to her first!!
by ALiiBAByy August 26, 2008
A very beautiful girl, she's the best person ever, very pretty, a sweetheart, stunning, gawjuss, amazing, very shy (in a mood way) The most amazing smile that can make your heart melt! A must have in your life! Perfect in every way possible from her personality to the way she looks! Do I need to say more?
Omg you need Alicia in your life
by Itsmemario January 01, 2015
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