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An Arabic name meaning lofty or sublime. This is a girl name.
She is quite lofty. It makes sense that she was named Alia.
by Alia Chloe December 29, 2007
by far, the most beautiful woman ever to exist
Alia is hella cool, without a doubt
by FROOOOO! November 28, 2007
the coolest motha fucka on this earth
damnn alia's got swagg ;)
by xxzyy September 08, 2010
One of the most beautiful women to exist. A person who usually can make your world go round and if you don't have an Alia in you life you might want to find one. Super extra ordinary, never would cheat on her boyfriend because she usually is honest. Also Loving, Funny, Amazing, & Without a doubt the most down to earth chick you will ever meet. Plus gives the best hugs and kisses in the whole world. If you have an Alia never let her go because if you do you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Guy 1: "Hey that girl is so different..."
Guy 2: "Yeah! That's Alia!"
by That Person123456t September 29, 2011
A girl's name meaning many things in several languages.

Can be spelled many ways, and may itself be a variant.
Alya, Aliah, Aliegha, Aliya, Aliyah, Alyia, Alea, Aleiah; almost any way works.
The pronunciation varies from person to person.

Hebrew: Noble, Ascend
Arabic: Sky, Heaven, Loftiness, Sublime
German: All
Swahili: Exalted
As you can see from the meanings, Alia (and any variation) is pretty kickass name to have.

Alia Atreides is also a pretty kick ass character from the Dune series.
Alia (and variants) is a pretty awesome name. How else can you be exalted, noble, all, sublime, and heaven at once?
Protip: You can't.

Anon: Your username is LovetteCher why the heck would you care about the name Alia?
LovetteCher: STFU! I'm named after Alia Atreides!
by LovetteCher August 07, 2010
The sister of Paul Atreides from the novel Dune.
Alia pawns all you n00bs!
by Aliah June 07, 2005
What Tommy Pickles from the Nickelodeon show Rugrats calls an alien.

Cute way to say alien.
The aliums are coming!
by dorth June 14, 2010