A melato beauty. She wears glasses that only she can pull off perfectly. Her voice is that of a show choir soloist and her dance moves can't be touched. She plays guitar and writes amazing melodies. She is sarcastic and witty but also very compassionate. She loves Jurassic Park and Jesus. She is amazing!
Hey there glasses!
Alexandra is amazing!
by Alexandraisfun April 25, 2013
An amazing girl. She is awesome, funny, and super nice. She is stunning ! She is amazing at tennis! She is tall, skinny, has gorgeous hair, and has really pretty brown eyes. She is really smart and always there for you when ever you need her. She is really trust worthy and loyal. She knows how to make you smile when your having a bad day. She is perfect in every single way <3
Person 1 " Who is that girl"
Person 2 " Its alexandra!"
by Anon Hater February 09, 2014
Alexandra is sexy smart and the most beautiful girl in the world She is the most wonderful girl in the world words can not explain how wonderful she is she is a great lover shes wild and crazy her and kody are perfect together
Damn Alexandra is so sexy
Alexandra and kody are so perfect together
Did you see Alexandra at the rodeo on Sunday she was so beautiful
by kody317 November 05, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world, although she is respectful, she doesn't mind pleasuring her boyfriend.
Alexandra is so beautiful,her boyfriend is so lucky, I wish she was my girlfriend, she is just so sweet.
by D12parson February 02, 2013
Alexandra is the feminized version of the name Alexander, which was popularized in Ancient times by Alexander the Great. His conquest brought the popularity of his name throughout Europe and Asia and as a result it remains a great name today. Almost every dialect has their own form of the name and it stays popular among girls and boys alike. The meaning comes from Latin and is translated as "protector or defender of men". It is easy to see where this would apply to Alex the Great but it can also be true in women. Experience shows that women named Alexandra make perfect partners and are very good mothers. They are very protective of the ones they love, sometimes even bringing them to a jealous boil. They demand greatness in their lives and inspire the people around them. They are funny and confident and people take pleasure in being around them. Their vulnerabilities are what make them so amazing and their weaknesses only brighten their strengths. Anyone who comes in contact with an Alexandra quickly realizes that they are aptly named.
Alexandra was very protective of Edward.

My wife, Alexandra, was very admirable and demanded a great life.
by Duardo January 16, 2015
Alexandra is the kind of person who you can count on to be wild and spaz at parties. she is always bouncing her way through the halls, she also is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet, she can also be over obsessed with certain bands..

Meg: hey whats her name?

Lila: oh thats Alexandra, shes obsessed with one direction.

Meg: wow and shes really spastic
Meg: hey whats her name?

Lila: oh thats Alexandra, shes obsessed with this X Factor Band.

Meg: wow and shes really spastic
by 1234guesswhowalkedthroudadoor October 20, 2011
Alexandra is a name meaning brave, fearless, kind and also Defender of Mankind. She is a person who will sand up for what she believes in and whom you can always trust; she will always understand.
Bully: 'I've gotta bone to pick with you!'
Alexandra: 'Not in this lifetime you don't'
by ProVideoStars March 12, 2015
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