Alexandra. She is the most beautiful girl you will EVER see. Her kisses and words will set your soul on fire. she is the most kind and tender-hearted girl youll ever meet. her eyes will make your problems dissapear, and the way she speaks will make your heart melt. when shes not with you, itll feel like you havent seen her in 1000 years, so youll miss her. you will get turned on by her just walking past you in the hallway. shes truly an angel, and she came from heaven. i love Alexandra :
Jacob's friend-"i hear youre dating Alexandra"
Jacob-"yeah, she hot isn't she?"
Jacob's friend-"dude, i wish i could get girls like her, shes damn sexy"
Jacob-"yeah, shes an angel :"
by Raziel731 April 01, 2011
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One of the best friends you could ever meet. Sometimes quiet and patient but when she's around a group shes wild and fun. She is always there to listen to you and give you a hug if you need one. She is willing to try anything and is very athletic. She can talk for hours or just have no idea what's going on. She is an overall great person to be around.
Megan-who's that girl over there?
Zach-I dont know but she's really hot!
Zach-I think her name is Alexandra.
Megan-Yeah she looks like an Alexandra
by Alexandra Marie May 15, 2008
A girls name coming from Alexander, meaning 'Defender of Mandkind'. Possible nick names could be Aly, Lexy, Lexi, Alex, A, Xandra, ect.
Alexandra is a sweet girl.
by Xleyla December 21, 2005
A person that is extremely crazy and klutzy. Everyone loves her.
Look at her dancing she such an Alexandra
by Lily Celeste July 10, 2008
sexy, adorable. amazingly funny.
most with beautiful voices :D
Alexandra Burke has an amazing voice : )
by ALEXANDRA aka axel : ) February 13, 2009
a girls name coming from the boy's name Alexander.
A very strong girl in the heart.
The best friend you will ever meet.
will do anything to make someone happy.
a very pretty girl inside and out.
usually a girl who loves to turn people on and a lover of kissing
person 1: Do you think she will do something with you tonight?
person 2: yea, definitly shes such an alexandra.
by URBANDROXSTARRR783 April 16, 2008
The most beautiful woman you will have ever see in your life. She is shy and quiet when you meet her but get to know her she is is crazy. She is the sweetest girl in the world with the best sense of humor. The best person to go to for advice, a hug and a laugh. She is completely worth getting to know and just the best person on this earth.
My best friend's name is Alexandra. Isn't she great?
by Pearl Krabs November 28, 2011
A very photo-genic, photographically skilled girl. Very fashionable, and likes to do her own thing. She's the girl you want as a friend. Loyal, funny, and amazingly pretty.
P1: "Hey, who's that girl with the Nikon?"
P2: "Oh, that's the new girl, Alexandra. Isn't she pretty?"
P3: "-stares in amazement-"
by Iheartherx. April 27, 2010

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