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Also known as alex evans, heartbreaker is the name of his clothing line.

see alex evans
ahhh i love alex heartbreakers eyes
by aljhfajksdhfkajdhslkasdhf March 19, 2008
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alexheartbreaker is one of the most used emo/scene kid's photo's. He has black hair, blue eyes and 2 large lip peircings. His full name is Alexandre Evans and he has a myspace & Bebo & VF that he uses and gets comments frequently on how hot, sexxy, fine, gorgeoous, etc. he is from whores and bitches that spend too much time on the commuter staring at pics of him.. Sometimes he gets poser comments but nobody likes them.
-on alexHEARTbreaker's Bebo-


girl 1: OMFG! you are sooooo fucking hawt. i love you comment me back
girl 2: randomerrr. comment me back, sexy.
girl 3: you're such a poser. get outta here nigga.
by fakeyoursmiles___x January 26, 2007
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