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the most amazing person you will ever meet. someone who has great taste in clothes, friends, and makeup. she is a gorgeous girl with a fabulous smile.
person 1:wow! shes so pretty!
person 2:i bet her name is aleena.
by Barely There December 17, 2008
337 101
an incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief.

can also be use to describe a incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief.
dude1: DAAAAMN! did u see that chick? she was fiiiine!

dude2: yeah, thats Aleena

guy1: wow that girl is so aleena!

guy2: dam shes bangn'
by FangsUpCobraStyle December 16, 2008
226 93
The most AMAZING person you will ever meet. Someone who has great taste in clothes, music, make-up and friends. She is a gorgeous girl, very pretty inside and out, with an fabulous smile. Always looking beautiful and her best. Always the type of girl anyone can have a good laugh with.
Aleena's always tend to be be incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond belief! They will normally have a nice ass and will be loved by everyone.
They will tend to date guys with a nice body, perfect eyes, great in bed, but importantly someone who will treat her throughout everything.
Guys with names beginning with J,K,D,A,T or O will steal Aleena's heart away with love and will show that they care about her. Before staring an relationship she will have to get close to a guy so she can gain there trust.
Aleena's are very intelligent, and also the most caring people you will ever meet.
Dude 1: Maaann, did you see that girl, she's fiiineee!

Dude 2: That is definitely an Aleena!
by F1Mad October 05, 2011
111 30
A women driver who runs into stuff with her car and threatens Mexican people financial status.

Mike Jones
Hey that aleena is big bitch.
by Obaid Aleena March 01, 2009
89 151