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A place where people whom are not fit to live anywhere, and get kicked into this area. The main drag is where most of kentvilles skanks, grubs and troglodites are found. For fun they either hang out at TJ's or go get some no name chocolate bars at TJ's. All people from this area MUST WALK down the hill into kentville, where they are accepted by more of their kind at center square. Aldershot is the axis of the universe.
"wanna go to aldershot?"
"I don't want any chicken..."
"Nagre feed man,"
by oojuu April 30, 2003
22 17
AKA aldershit.

stay clear if you dont want AIDS.
Sarah: you down with hanging in aldershot?

Kirsty: i dont have a death wish, thank you.
by 12345onceicaughtafishalive May 06, 2009
37 17
A town full of pikeys and squaddies that still manages to be popular. Don't go if your a grebo skater wanker because you'll get beats. No joke
skater 1:wanna go to aldershot?
skater 2:ok, i'll have to change out of these shit clothes first
by anon February 29, 2004
37 25
scum of the earth
do not enter after dark, actually just do not enter you will probably get molested or catch a disease.
aww, goin ta ordasho uh macdonuwds inni
by anon March 07, 2004
37 28
Aldershot is a town in the South-East of England, about 10 miles from Guildford and Woking. The towh has its roots with the Armed Forces moving to the area and establishing their first permanent camp, earning it the title of "Home of the British Army." It is now part of the Borough of Rushmoor, alongside Farnborough. The town was recently rated as one of the up and coming small cities/towns in the counry (according to an article in the Daily Mail).
The town has been run down for quite a while, with abortive attempts at re-juvinating the town. The latest attempt, dubbed "Westgate" is still moving forward with work continuing at a good pace. The rest of the town is holding its breath to see if Westgate brings any improvement.
The town is derided a lot by those outside and those within the town, claiming that any visitor would catch any number of disases by visiting or any visitor would be subject to attacks, none of which is true.
Whilst Aldershot has its problems, as with any town, it is situated in a good area of the country. Its positioning from London is just right (about an hour on the train or an hour and a half/two hours by car), as is its positioning from the coast (about an hour by car, there is no direct train service).
The town is surrounded by woodland and heathland, which provide beautiful vistas and places to keep yourself in shape or go for a stroll. There is a swimming pool within the town and a gym.
by Realitycheckeruk March 05, 2011
10 3
avoid 'the dirty end'. it ain't 'sex and the city' ladies...
aldershot is a nice place to grow up
by vw December 23, 2004
21 15