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When someone is so drunk that they repeat themselves constantly, similarly to someone who suffers from dementia. They are blissfully forgetful, enjoying the repeated topic with the thrill of a fresh conversation every time. A symptom of being too drunk to hold a halfway effective conversation.
Joe: "I almost got arrested tonight man, the cop saw me stumbling around but he was totally cool and let me go"

Tom: "That's lucky man, you do seem pretty intoxicated for being in public"

Joe: "Yea man, I was super close to going to jail tonight, the cop was really cool though, he saw me stumbling and let me go"

Tom: "yea dude, that's lucky, that's what you were saying earlier"

Joe: "I was so drunk earlier I almost went to jail, the cop was real cool tho"

Tom: "that's cool man"

Bob: "Joe is wasted man!"

Tom: "I know, he kept telling me the same story of his night over and over and forgetting. He has a solid case of alcozheimers tonight"
by terrible ted from royal oak January 28, 2012
A state induced by alcohol where one forgets random events, parts of evenings or entire years at a time.
Yes, you really did do that last night. You must remember - or is it your Alcozheimers kicking in again?
by SlightlySquiffyMike August 30, 2009