a label slapped onto people who know how to enjoy life and don't mind occasional bouts of blacking out, bedwetting, the clap and regrettable one-night stands, applied by people with sticks up there bums who have repressed every iota of pleasure and desire and are teetotalers for no other reason than they are TOO FUCKING SCARED that someone might find out how they're dying to fuck there sister.
ann called ginger an alcoholic after ginger ordered a second Absolut Hunk; meanwhile, ann sipped on her diet sprite and fantasized about piercing her clit.
by Suzie BostonKreme June 05, 2003
Someone who knows how to party
Dude that guys totally an alcoholic!
I Know I wanna party with him!
by floda reltil June 01, 2011
1) When you calculate beer money into your living budget
2) calling a beer " A frothy cold one"
3) When drinking in excess isn't enough

1) Drinking in excess on a boat doesn't make you an alcoholic
Person 1:Hey look over there at Judson, he's such an alcoholic.
Person 2: No he's not, he's drinking on his Boat!
by BeerIsLife April 19, 2015
A person who is dependent on alcohol physicially or mentally. They can be anyone you know. Some hide their drinking from everyone, but others might show their lack of restraint in drinking in public. They also suffer sever liver, brain and esophageal damage from the accumulated years of drinking and abusing drugs.

Many of these alcoholic people also abuse their spouses, children physicially, emotionally and/or sexually, especially when they are drunk.
Our alcoholic father was so drunk he was fucking our little sister and he didn't even remember doing it the morning after.
by Jigglypuff May 02, 2006
An attempt to turn a individual's death wish into a complex disease.
You're really not an alcoholic, you just want to have fun as you slowly commit suicide and you haven't figured out why.
by bushmeatburrito June 10, 2016
A person who would drink , day and night, well get booze whenever they can..ruins their life..and those that are close to them
alcoholics:" Im gonna drink until fat guys turn into hot models"
by im not a druggie February 28, 2006
someone who drinks a lot and gets drunk regularly, even though he knows he'll regret it the next day
Nat is an alcoholic
by leabhar leitheoir April 27, 2015
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