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Someone who drinks alcohol everyday of the week from morning to night,

Someone who is dependant on alcohol they can hold down a job and family but needs to drink in order to feel calm and normal
You drink everyday of the week but you claim your not an alcoholic?

My dads an alcoholic he drinks everyday of the week.

"Why did your mum and dad divorce" ?" Becuase my dad was an arrogant self centered heartless alcoholic who only cared about himself"

Alcoholics are not people you see in the street with ripped clothes and holding a bottle of vodka they can be family men laywers police officers school teachers it is an awful thing alcoholism and destroys peoples and families lives
by rhomsy October 25, 2010
13 5
Someone who knows how to party
Dude that guys totally an alcoholic!
I Know I wanna party with him!
by floda reltil June 01, 2011
8 1
A person who is dependent on alcohol physicially or mentally. They can be anyone you know. Some hide their drinking from everyone, but others might show their lack of restraint in drinking in public. They also suffer sever liver, brain and esophageal damage from the accumulated years of drinking and abusing drugs.

Many of these alcoholic people also abuse their spouses, children physicially, emotionally and/or sexually, especially when they are drunk.
Our alcoholic father was so drunk he was fucking our little sister and he didn't even remember doing it the morning after.
by Jigglypuff May 02, 2006
43 38
A person who never gets tired of apologizing
"hey Honey, sorry I was such a drunk asshole to you last night once again...I really mean it this time...but I am not an alcoholic...wanna go grab a bloody-mary"?
by jonnyjonny April 20, 2011
13 12
College kids who drink their feelings, blackout every weekend, come hung over to class that is, if they even make it at all. Some may even have a plan of action entitled something similiar to the BCPA - (Bill Christian Plan of Action) to deal with their drunken hook-ups.
Student 1: Man that guy came to class still drunk, what an alcoholic.

Student 2: Oh yeah, I saw that alky with four girls last night.

Student 1: The BCPA was getting a lot of action.
by PureLeaf January 12, 2012
1 2
A person who would drink , day and night, well get booze whenever they can..ruins their life..and those that are close to them
alcoholics:" Im gonna drink until fat guys turn into hot models"
by im not a druggie February 28, 2006
14 15
In the Montclair Region, alcoholic is described as a term of victory. Many people would call it being a "Steve Santangelo" or "Kareem Bakr." By being an alcohol, its not how drunk you get, just how many ruit games you can take until you pass out.
"Did you see James on the ruit table last night?!!?!"
"Yeah dude, he took so many beers to the face the last few nights, he must be an alcoholic."
"Nah dude!! He's just the next Steve Santangelo!"
by Beef002 March 25, 2009
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