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What people who don't know how to have a good time call those that do.
I'm not an alcoholic, I just know how to have a good time.
by Nicko March 24, 2003
Someone who wakes up with a hangover only to start drinking again, regardless of what they have to do that day.
"Man, my head hurts. I must have had a blast last night. Ah, crap! I have to be at work in 30 min. I'll just grab 2 long-necks and be on my way!" This is a true Alcoholic.
by Hebb December 20, 2009
1)One who drinks to get rid of pain...To try and forget about things that have happened.

2)One who drinks excessively
1)Look at that alcoholic...just drinking away his problems.

2)Damn...he just drank a 30 pack of beer...and he's still doing fine!
by Valerie R. April 22, 2007
n. Everyone who drinks excessively with only one exception: college students.
College student A, "I think I am an alcoholic, I was craving for shots on a random tuesday night."
College student B, "Chill out, no worries. You are not an alcoholic until you graduate from college. Want beer?"
by liv_loves_humour February 01, 2009
People who drink themselves into oblivion on a regular basis i.e. the scots
I've never seen anyone drink as much as those scots they are bloody alcoholics.
I travelled throughout europe and no one puts the drink away like the scottish people haha
by English Princess March 17, 2008
John is an alcoholic
by analvolcano April 11, 2010
a label slapped onto people who know how to enjoy life and don't mind occasional bouts of blacking out, bedwetting, the clap and regrettable one-night stands, applied by people with sticks up there bums who have repressed every iota of pleasure and desire and are teetotalers for no other reason than they are TOO FUCKING SCARED that someone might find out how they're dying to fuck there sister.
ann called ginger an alcoholic after ginger ordered a second Absolut Hunk; meanwhile, ann sipped on her diet sprite and fantasized about piercing her clit.
by Suzie BostonKreme June 05, 2003