n. a college student
I just saw a group of alcoholics on their way to a kick-ass party. One of them is in my math class.
by ambercutie December 06, 2005
A person who always feels two drinks behind.
"I just woke up, how can I already be two drinks behind?"


"Alcoholic? What's that?"
by Teo Cherub July 15, 2009
A two-fold malady characterized by (i) an obsession of the mind coupled with (ii) an allergy of the body. The obsession, a strange insanity that occurs as a mental blank spot immediately preceding the taking of a drink, guarantees that the person afflicted will take the drink even with the knowledge that it will result in a craving for more (allergy) or even though he may not have intended to drink.

This is strangely supplanted for the idea that it is safe to drink despite experience that it may not be safe to drink without experiencing the phenomenon of craving (allergy. However intelligent an alcoholic may have been in other respects, where alcohol has been involved, they have been strangely insane. These allergic types can never safely use alcohol in any form at all; and once having formed the habit and found they cannot break it, once having lost their self-confidence, their reliance upon things human, their problems pile up on them and become astonishingly difficult to solve. Recovery from the obsession (mental) component is possible but there is no known cure for the physical allergy portion. Alcoholism is distinct from "hard", "heavy" or "problem" drinking or other "addictions" including % addiction" in that the two components of mental, alcoholic obsession and physical allergy to ETOH (ethyl alcohol) in some form must be simultaneously present in the individual.
John the alcoholic finds that he honestly does want to quit drinking but finds he cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, he has little control over the amount he takes. He passes through the well-known stages of a spree, emerging remorseful, with a firm resolution not to drink again. This is repeated over and over, and unless this person can experience an entire psychic change there is very little hope of his recovery.
by Danny Schwarzhoff April 25, 2007
A person who can't stop drinking once he/she's started. Also known as an alkie.
Damn, Joe's already put away five beers, and it's only been five minutes! What an alcoholic!
by SuperSonicX April 23, 2006
Someone who drinks in the shower.
That motherfucker was drinking a keystone in the shower. That motherfucker is an alcoholic.
by Motherfucker Dick September 01, 2008
A 94 pound girl who can out drink every guy in the room.
I know an alcoholic who carries around a half gallon of vodka that wieghs more than her every night and drinks the whole thing.
by May Showers August 28, 2008
1)One who drinks to get rid of pain...To try and forget about things that have happened.

2)One who drinks excessively
1)Look at that alcoholic...just drinking away his problems.

2)Damn...he just drank a 30 pack of beer...and he's still doing fine!
by Valerie R. April 22, 2007
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