The best thing created. It Helps almost everyone get some from the opposite sex. It makes for a fun time
Without alcohol, I'd still be a vigrin!
by Nickday May 25, 2006
Shit that people use to run away from pain and agony. People that use alcohol for this purpose are called "pussies". These people threaten to reduce the very home we live in into the biggest shithole man has ever created.

see religion pot tobacco heroin
Some drunk: Fuck I am soooo wasted. I'm gonna go fuck the place up.

Man: HAHAHAHA you cant take the pain can you?! Go commit suicide or something you worthless fag.

by DEATHTOCAPITALISM January 21, 2007
A drink that tastes like shit, yet people will drink alcohol in a pathetic attempt to make themselves appear big and clever, and to fit in with their idiotic friends who also love getting ''wasted.'' In reality, it just makes you look common.
Idiot: ''I got so wasted on alcohol last night...'' (In other words - ''I'm so big and clever!'')

Smart person: ''Common twat.''
by Rozalyn September 27, 2006
what you give to a woman to then have sex with her when she is pasted out
dude i just got that girl wasted and had my way with her!!!
by bob dole March 17, 2005
a gimped version of marijuana.
I don't drink alcohol. Why settle for a gimped version of weed?
by hmn June 13, 2004
a)A brew that helps white people dance.

b)What gets people through the day.
I really need some alcohol.
by SwaggerBoyFoLifeFoReal July 25, 2016
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