A drink that makes you puke, tastes like shit, makes you forget things, can cause severe family/health problems, and yet, people still pay money for it.
" Hey let's go get some alcohol tonight so we can have an awesome time while we puke and get laid by someone who youd forget about the next day."
by kfs27 April 05, 2010
Vitamin for your liver
Melissa drank alcohol, which improved the health of her liver and her life
by wittyname January 24, 2010
Alcohol is a colorless votatile liquid formed by the fermentation of sugars and also has a intoxicating effect on certain carbon-based life forms.
The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is the best alcoholic drink in existence.
by Beth, yo December 26, 2005
The drug that we have to take to get high because cannabis is illegal.
"Hey, man. Got any weed?"

"Nope. I'm fresh out."

"Damn it. Looks like we'll have to drink alcohol, then."

by Rizzmeister June 19, 2013
Alcohol is said to make the truth come out but i came to realize that this is false. Alcohol is fun because it make people drunk. Drunk is being something your not, acting how normally you would not. Which in fact is not the truth about how you behave. Alcohol instead of creating the truth it creates distances. Distances from many things. Distance from yourself for one. When drinking alcohol it makes yourself less well... like yourself. Whether its not acting like yourself at all or thinking that alcohol is going to make you "fit in" but if you have to do something to try to fit in you don't belong there in there first place. This is where distance steps in again because it is taking you away from the place you do fit in.. like with the friends who like you without the alcohol. Alcohol is also used as a tool. People say "I'm just having a good time" but if it was a real good time you would be able to do this without the need of alcohol. And if you were with the ones that really mattered you would be able to have a good/fun time without the need of alcohol. Really alcohol has a false name for itself and it should be known.
You are drunk as fuck, and i think it's because of the alcohol.
by kell60 January 26, 2010
Confidence in a bottle.
Bryan drank a bottle of Sailor Jerry's (Rum which contains alcohol in case you are a dumb motherfucker) and was motherfucking confident and comfortable with his own personality (the opposite of his usual self).
by wittyname January 19, 2010
a substance which is legal in the united states, yet more dangerous than marijauna which is illegal.
alcohol is a pussy drug
by robby January 01, 2005

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